Onycholysis és pikkelysömör

Nail loss nail funguff

The vertical pulsation focused ultrasound complimented with vacuum can destroy the immediately the fat cells, and provide long term results, breaks up nail loss nail funguff cells and make the skin smooth.

nail loss nail funguff

Comfortable, non-invasive treatment with no recovery period, which will can get rid of the fat build up and result a drop in dress size in the problematic areas like tummy, hips and inner and other part of the thighs.

Focused ultrasound: the ultrasound is only targeting the fat cells in the connective tissues with specific depth and on specified areas. Due to the specially nail loss nail funguff head, the intensive ultrasound waves can create a concentrated energy which can penetrate the fat tissues 15 mm deep and form a mechanic effect.

The liquidised fat triglycerides and the leftover of the smashed fat cell can leave the body during the natural physiological course, during the metabolism process; firstly they will enter the fluid between the connective tissues, then they will travel through to the circulation system, then the lymph system will transport them into the liver.

The broken up fat cells will leave the body through the natural paths and the phagocytes will help this process.

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Selective and safe method, which only targets the fat tissues and only damages and dissolves them, leaving other tissues, blood vessels, nerves intact. The liquidised fat cell will leave the body during the natural physiological course, during the metabolism process. After one treatment you can lose 2 cm, which is a permanent result.

nail loss nail funguff

After further treatments you can lose auxiliary centimetres. The therapy will include 3 sessions, 3 weeks between each session, and a further treatment 2 months after the basic 3 sessions. This 4 sessions will attack the thickness of the fat tissues and by finishing the course of treatment, you can lose cm overall from your body.

nail loss nail funguff

Between years old ladies and gentlemen can experience long term and brilliant results on their tummy, thighs and hips. We can treat the best if the thickness of the fat tissues is in the cm intervals, and the BMI is no greater than As the treatment is pain free, there is no need for local anaesthetic, or after treatment pain relief, aftercare.

Only side effects are redness on the skin and mild burning sensation, which will fade a few hours after the session.

nail loss nail funguff

The patients can carry on the normal everyday activities straight after the treatment. The schedule of the treatment Before the treatment the patients will go through a screening, and during this consultation the practitioner will measure and mark the treatment areas.

The treatment is not nail loss nail funguff The fat tissue is thinner than 1.